Mykola Kutniakhov_muralist_painter_artist landscapes

Every single sketch Mykola Kutniakhov at an early stage is a perfect synthesis, which allows it then increase in the studio etude pictures to much larger formats, or wall of architectural buildings.

MYKOLA KUT (Kutniakhov) was born in April, 1952 in Luhansk (Ukraine). In 1967 he graduated from art school and became a student of Luhansk Art College. In 1974, after the military service, he started his studying in Kyiv State Art Institute, now the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. He studied in the monumental painting workshop. It was founded by the famous monumentalist Mykhailo Boychuk — a Ukrainian teacher and friend of a Mexican monumentalist painter Diego Rivera, whose traditions and heritage Mykola Kut followed at an early stage of his work. Since 1979 he is an active member of national and international exhibitions. In 1989 he becomes a Member of the National Artist Union of Ukraine. Mykola Kut is a winner of many national and art awards.

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